DEMOLITION OF WISDOM (Fang Records, IC-989-22, 2022)

1. Four Forgotten Minutes 5:59
2. Oxidation 5:45
3. The Realistic Optimist 3:24
4. Tour of the Wild Moons 4:32
5. When I Was Naughty 2:24
6. Stream of Contention :47
7. Indulgence No. 505 2:14
8. Farmerís Delight 5:28
9. When the Mermaid Sings 4:10
10. Slippery Up the Road 4:30
11. Villains and Leaves 2:37
12. The Ultimate Delinquent 4:20
13. When I Was Nice 2:10
14. The Lurking Tumbleweed 1:53
15. Bangers and Mash 4:08
16. Now is Yet to Come 4:22
17. Strings Galore 1:14
18. Waiting in Vain 1:33
19. Collage at Risk 1:58
20. Four Forgotten Minutes (Alternate Take) 5:24

Leo Ciesa: Drums, keyboards, grand piano, ukeke
Julie Joslyn: Alto saxophone, violin, live electronics, vocals, ukeke

All Compositions by ICONOCLAST
Produced by ICONOCLAST

Recorded by Aaron Nevezie
Mastered by Colin Bryson
Assistant Engineer: Alex Conroy

Recorded October 1,2,3, 2021 at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed and Mastered at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Leo Ciesa plays Pro-Mark drumsticks and mallets exclusively
Thank you to Roberto Romeo (NYC) for saxophone maintenance and for his generosity
Thank you to Andy Plovnick at The Bunker Studio

Graphics, Photo and Design: Josh Brown
Back Cover: This photo is from ICONOCLASTís 1990 tour which began with a concert at The Westward Inn in Calgary, Alberta, Canada