DEMOLITION OF WISDOM (Fang Records IC-989-22, 2022)

NAKED RAPTURE (Fang Records IC-988-14, 2014)

THE BODY NEVER LIES (Fang Records IC-950-06, 2006)

PARADISE (Fang Records, FA 2000B, 2000)

THE SPEED OF DESIRE (Fang Records, FA 024, 1992)

IN THE VODKA GARDEN (Record One, 2005)
A collection of 19 tracks from ICONOCLAST's first four CDs.

DRIVEN TO DEFIANCE (Fang Records, IC-989-17, 2017)

DIRTY JAZZ (Fang Records, IC-987-10, 2010)

THE DREADFUL DANCE (Fang Records, IC-319-05, 2005)

BLOOD IS RED (Fang Recods, FA 035, 1995)

CITY OF TEMPTATION (Fang Records, FA 010, 1990)

SINS OF NEW YORK (Cassette, 1989)