IN THE VODKA GARDEN  (Record One, 2005)

1. In the Vodka Garden 5:59
2. Big Gunpowder Falls 4:55
3. The Worst Woman 1:40
4. Violent Keys 2:34
5. Move it Smartly 4:57
6. Spontaneous Combustion II 1:46
7. EKG 2:01
8. Litany of the Lost 4:39
9. Spontaneous Combustion III 2:06
10. Squeak Baby Squeak 1:01
11. Wonder Wheel 3:08
12. Beat Generation 4:58
13. Fast Legs :48
14. Mudslide 1:32
15. Bermuda Triangle 6:26
16. Fit for Surgery 2:34
17. Bob 3:26
18. The Rage is Magic 3:01
19. Tango Ritzo 2:58

The music on this disc is a selection from our four previously released CDs and will give you a taste of ICONOCLAST. . .

ICONOCLAST's music represents the exciting and diverse energy, kaleidoscopic palette and cultural diversity that is New York City. Our music is uncompromising and truly uncatagorizable. It is defined by an expansive stylistic range and yet it is always uniquely original. Since 1987 we have been experimenting with and exploring the juxtaposition of composition and improvisation; electronic and acoustic sounds; polyrhythmic forms and a unique blend of rhythm, melody and texture. Our music stretches the boundaries of ”the duo.“ We also have an inventive and unique approach to instrumentation. In some compositions the drums take the role of stating the melodic themes, in some the violin is the main percussive force and at other times it sounds like a crunching electric guitar. The saxophone might play alternating bass and melody lines interspersed with screams and percussive sound effects while thunderous drums create powerful polyrhythms. The keyboards function in unpredictable ways, at times a grand piano speaking stately and majestic—at other times the shrill, anxious wailing of a synthesizer. And watch out for the vocals! Often compositional ideas will require one of us to play several instruments simultaneously or to play several lines or voices in alternating or rapid succession, thus giving the illusion of more players. Our music is emotionally aggressive, physical and extreme, but it can also be lyrical, melodic and beautiful. The contrast is often shocking. We hope you enjoy it!

Julie Joslyn: Alto saxophone, violin, live electronics, vocals, percussion, train whistle

Leo Ciesa: Drums, keyboards, grand piano, octapad, percussion, orchestra bells, vocals, nightingale, live electronics

All music composed, performed and produced by ICONOCLAST
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Howard, New York City, N.Y., USA
Photos by Josh Brown
All compositions BMI All compositions copyright ICONOCLAST
All recordings previously released on Fang Records (Box 652, Stuyvesant Statiion, NYC, NY USA -

Leo Ciesa plays Pro-Mark drumsticks, rods, tubz and mallets exclusively

Thank you to Roberto Romeo in New York City for saxophone maintenance