THE BODY NEVER LIES (Fang Records, IC-950-06, 2006)

1. The Body Never Lies 2:01
2. A Corrective Jerk 4:53
3. Little Sweet Weak Bitter (Take 2)
4. The Lucky Secretary 2:08
5. No Wave Bitte 1:49
6. Fly North/Cymbal Song 3:17
7. Jazz Funnies :31
8. Beyond the Red Road 2:59
9. We Should Soon 6:17
10. There’s People 2:33
11. The Girl With the Naked Knees 2:20
12. Whisper in my Eye 1:14
13. Thunder and Seduction :59
14. The Exhibitionist’s Dilemma 2:36
15. Community Service 3:58
16. The Fried Dairy Pig 1:05
17. Lot Lizards 3:41
18. Framboise :45
19. Tom Colada (Live Version) 4:53
20. The Rage is Magic (Live Version)
21. Zappo 2:32

Julie Joslyn
: Alto saxophone, violin, live electronics, vocals, copper shawm, percussion, homemade instruments*
Leo Ciesa: Drums, keyboards, grand piano, percussion, vocals, Pro-Mark drumsticks and mallets, homemade instruments*

*Plastic tubes ("Fly North/Cymbal Song"), copper pipes ("The Fried Dairy Pig")

All Compositions by ICONOCLAST
Produced by ICONOCLAST

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christopher Howard
Studio Assistants: Steve Bucino, Brian Lodato

Recorded June 18-21, 2004 at Water Music, Hoboken, NJ
"Tom Colada" and "The Rage is Magic" were recorded live at the 2nd Festival of Music at Mozg, Bydgoszcz, Poland, November 1, 2002
Mixed at Music & Art Studios, Garnerville, NY
Mastered at Camel Leopard Music, Brooklyn, NY, Water Music, Hoboken, NJ, and PPI Recording, NYC

Leo Ciesa plays Pro-Mark drumsticks and mallets exclusively
Thank you to Roberto Romeo ( NYC) for saxophone maintenance and for his generosity

Graphics, Photos and Design: Josh Brown
Thank you to Daniel Brown for his graphics expertise