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Jazz redefined. Dirty Jazz. After more than twenty years ICONOCLAST rages onward with its massive sound-obliterating all boundaries, refusing all limitations and boldly redefining the jazz duo. This internationally acclaimed duo's daring new album, Dirty Jazz, will stir your blood as it rapidly shifts mood, rhythms and compositional structures in a most exciting and unique way.

ICONOCLAST's music is melodic, lyrical, even romantic while at the same time they can get down and dirty with the rawness and aggression of the best of hardcore and metal. The eroticism, emotional intensity and musical expansiveness reflect the spirit of the Coltrane era.

We challenge you to find a CD more diverse and uncompromising. The dazzling performances and telepathic connection between saxophonist/violinist Julie Joslyn and drummer/keyboardist Leo Ciesa is thrilling. Their phrasing, melodic invention and rhythmic interplay is seamless and their musical adventurousness is legendary.

Jazz redefined. Dirty Jazz.

            The Body Never Lies (2006)
            The Dreadful Dance (2005)
            Paradise (2000)
            Blood is Red
            The Speed of Desire (1992)
            City of Temptation (1990)