For Immediate Release

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of ICONOCLAST, the internationally acclaimed duo of Leo Ciesa and Julie Joslyn – still going strong, moving forward, a force to be reckoned with. ICONOCLAST’s tenth CD, Driven to Defiance boldly challenges your expectations. Driven. Defiance. It says it all!

“If your ears have been begging for something different, it's time to check out Iconoclast. A vibrant duo consisting of Julie Joslyn and Leo Ciesa . . . With their film noir visuals, irreverent humor and fabulously devious imaginations, Iconoclast is a group deserving of its name.”
All About Jazz-- New York

“Iconoclast . . . consistently falling between the genre cracks of Western Music. Neither fish nor fowl, they do their own thing on a consistent basis. That enough people get what they do is a small miracle in itself. You can pick out bits of jazz, orchestral bits from the past three centuries, speed metal, kitsch exploitation soundtrack music, and all sorts of stuff in their musical make-up if you’re clever.”
The Wild, Wild World of Spin Turlock

“The listener feels throughout the disc a lasting search for virgin territory, as well as the promise of adventures to come, which will be just as exciting.”
Impro Jazz, France (Translation)

            Naked Rapture (2014)
            Dirty Jazz (2010)
            The Body Never Lies (2006)
            The Dreadful Dance (2005)
            Paradise (2000)
            Blood is Red
            The Speed of Desire (1992)
            City of Temptation (1990)