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ICONOCLAST invites you to an alternative universe, a refuge from the ordinary. Enter the world of rhythmic invention, chaotic melodies, a fusion of heart and mind. Release yourself from your expectations. Demolition of Wisdom will answer all your questions.

ICONOCLAST, the internationally acclaimed duo from New York City, has been recording and performing for 35 years and is comprised of Leo Ciesa (drums, keyboards,vocals) and Julie Joslyn (alto saxophone, violin, live electronics, vocals). Demolition of Wisdom is their eleventh CD. “Blending quasi-jazz with pop-rock and classic melodies, movie-like music with noisy improvisation and fast hardcore, this duet brought their own elegant freakiness to the stage and their show remained unforgettable.”
Black Syrup (Serbia)

“Iconoclast, one of the world’s definitive noir jazz acts, the duo of Julie Joslyn and Leo Ciesa have built a distinctive body of work that’s part rainswept nocturnes, part edgy downtown improvisation and part punk jazz…Perennially fresh and always with a dark undercurrent, Iconoclast have more than earned themselves iconic status.”
New York Music Daily/Lucid Culture

“Julie Joslyn and Leo Ciesa create explosive free music and soaring melodies that mingle gorgeously on an unpredictable playlist. The duo is a grand array of sound.”
The New York City Jazz Record


            Driven to Defiance (2017)
            Naked Rapture (2014)
            Dirty Jazz (2010)
            The Body Never Lies (2006)
            The Dreadful Dance (2005)
            Paradise (2000)
            Blood is Red
            The Speed of Desire (1992)
            City of Temptation (1990)