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"Blood is Red, Bruises are Blue"
From the album Blood is Red (1995)

Once, once upon and below
Oh you would never know
But I just tried to understand
Availability and demand
Oh they kept on talking they were succeeding
But there she was obnoxiously bleeding
And in this blood she uttered these words
That I will never forget this is what I heard


That was her knife, that was her sword
She stuck it in me oh help me lord
That sound is nailed into my head
It makes me wish that something was dead

See once there was a place there was a time
When we could solidify and rhyme
But now it's just one noun
And all the leaves have turned brown

There is no place anymore, there is no room
We're all heading for that single word doom
And all that matters is already past
The sound from her is the only thing to last


Blood is red bruises are blue
What's going on should upset you too
The roses are withering and the violets are due
But you know that nothing they say is true
Winter yearning for the sky
And once in a while so do I
But why is it that when I get near
The sun is setting and this is all I hear


I'm gonna go now I'll leave you alone now
My experience you might not share
But that doesn't really matter, I don't care
'Cause we will all go, we will all be gone
For that wonderful stroll into the setting sun
Please don't forget to give that last farewell kiss
And then we'll all meet to the sound of this